Outfit #48: Avant Garde

“I want dirt beneath my feet, warmth upon my soul. ‘Til the sun sets I’ll always be here”- LML (My Mom).

What I’m wearing for this outfit:

  • White graphic t-shirt- Mine
  • Blue jeans- My Mom’s
  • White shoes- My Grandma’s
  • Circular earrings- Mine
  • Beaded anklet- Mine

I recently got this shirt, and love wearing it with jeans, and sometimes I pair it with shorts, because the summer heat is insane:/

4 Years Since My Mom Passed Away

A couple days ago was the day that it has been 4 years, since my mom passed away. That day is always difficult for myself to stay positive. I tried this year, and of course while trying to do so, life threw lemons at me, and my day was a little difficult, but I got through it. I had to remind myself, that the day no matter what isn’t an easy day, in general, but I shouldn’t let it ruin my day. So I read some of my mothers poetry and started to feel better. It’s still hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that it feels like I just saw my mom, but at the same time it feels like a lifetime. That is why, I blog, wear her clothes, and write about her poetry, I not only want her to live on, I want her to live on in memories and in my heart.

My First Look Book

I made a look book about my favorite blouses at the moment. These blouses are my mother’s and when I found them, I wore them all the time. Lets just say, my mother was a very stylish person. I paired one of the outfits with my grandmothers shoes, it’s surprising I can fit into them, but I’m glad I can. Before my grandma passed away she said I can have her shoes and her clothing, she knew that I loved fashion and wanted me to have some of her items to remember her. When I wear her shoes, I feel as if she is with me.

Here is the Look Book – My Two Favorite Blouses

Outfit #47: A Bright Morning

“P.s. I heard you singing, it always makes me feel better”-LML (My Mom).

What I’m wearing for this outfit:

  • Tan floral shirt- My Grandmas
  • Grey shorts- Mine
  • Red and white Adidas- Mine
  • Rings- My Moms
  • Dove designed earrings- Mine

The quote I used for this outfit, my mother wrote for my grandmother. Whenever I read it, I smile to myself.

One Year Ago, Remembrance Wardrobe Was Created

A year ago I created my outlet/ journal for myself to post outfits using my late mothers clothing with my clothing. I talked about grief and used my moms poetry in every outfit post. I can’t believe that is has been a year. So much has changed, mentally especially. Who I was a year ago is so different, from the person I am today. Before the blog, I was stuck in a negative mindset and didn’t know a way out of it. This blog, has given me opportunities, confidence, and most importantly it has given my mother an outlet for people to see her legacy.

Thank you for the support!


Outfit #46: Summer Pants

“Within the rising sun, forever my love, till my darkest days are gone”-LML (My Mom).

What I’m wearing for this outfit:

  • White shirt with lashes design- Mine
  • Light green trousers- My Moms
  • White shoes- My grandmas

I recently found these pants that was my moms. I love these pants and the color is so fun for the summer time!