The Photos That Never Made It Onto The Blog

Hi! Sorry, I haven’t had a blog post for almost two weeks! I have been busy with a lot of cool things that are based on the blog, so I haven’t had much time to post. To make up for the lack of outfits, I decided to post some photos of that never made it onto the blog!


A new outfit will be on the blog this Friday!


I Decided To Draw My Mom

IMG_1369 (2)

Recently I was looking through old photos, and came across this photo of my mother that I took. I was around five years old, and enjoyed taking photos with disposable cameras, you can buy from Walgreens. I took the photo, while my mom was probably watching the Steve Wilkos show or trying to explain something. I haven’t seen this photo, since I was five. I thought it looked very unique, and I decided to draw it. When I got finished drawing, I realized I drew my mother, looking more like herself, than the picture. It was nice to draw my mother, and create an art piece based about her.

Outfit #34: A Breath Of Fresh Air

“As I see the flowers in spring & beautiful birds in June, I sit and listen. Will there ever be a tune?”- LML (My Mom)

What I’m wearing for this outfit:

  • Blue button up shirt- Mine
  • Grey coat- Mine
  • Black Trousers- My Moms
  • Tan Back pack- My Moms
  • Black pointed shoes- Mine

I wanted a breath of fresh air today, so I dyed my hair purple and tried posing like the cowboy statue, in the third picture.


Outfit #33: When Life Gives You Lemons

“Give me the shelter beneath someone’s arms. Give me the knowledge, within someone’s charm”-LML (My Mom).


What I’m wearing for this outfit:

  • Forest green shirt- Mine
  • Lemon Jacket- Mine
  • Black trousers- My Moms
  • Black combat boots- Mine
  • White purse- My Moms

When life gives you lemons, wear it…

Cemeteries Are Peaceful To Me

I know… A lot of people talk about cemeteries to be ghost filled and spooky. Which it can be sometimes especially at night. But, going to a cemetery during sunset, when it’s quiet and all you hear is windchimes and birds, that to me, is peaceful.

Of course, how people view cemeteries, differs for everyone. The times I feel most calm and relaxed, is when I’m able to sit next to my mothers grave and talk about life and my thoughts. When ever I feel sad, lost, or lonely. I drive to the cemetery and just think about life, while sitting next to my mother.

When I leave the cemetery, I feel more in tuned with my self and my mother. I also feel more motivated and positive. To me, cemeteries are beautiful, and It’s a place where we can sit next to our late loved ones and just talk and think.

Outfit #32: Lounging

“I look upon this heart of time – follow up a love within and piece of mind”-LML (My Mom).


What I’m wearing for this outfit:

  • Striped sweater- Mine
  • Black trousers – My Moms
  • White sandals – My Grandmas
  • Designed tote bag – Mine

This outfit is simple and comfy, perfect for lounging around.

Outfit #31: Grey Skies

“So if you listen clearly and try to understand, maybe you can tell how I feel, and write them over again”-LML (My Mom).


What I wore for this outfit:

  • Loose white turtle neck sweater- My Moms
  • Beige trousers- My Moms
  • Black combat boots- Mine
  • Hand painted purse- Mine

I really have been enjoying this rainy time. Especially because it’s sweater weather. 🙂